We are on the GO!!!

We are active!  Everyday we get moving with our gross motor time.  We run, jump, and get our blood going with organized games and gross motor time with our teachers, rain, snow or shine!                  We love being active. 

We also have Ms Tae come in once a week to each of our classes to offer Yoga.  She is part of our wonderful teaching staff here at Kindergrove and is a licensed Zuba instructor.  

These classes are part                                    of our curriculum and                                        at no extra charge to you. 


We love our time with Ms. Tae.

Yoga classes have also been offered in the evening for parents to take with their children. We hope to get that going again when things settle down.  It's a great way to show your kiddo how important being active is each day. And it is so much fun!                           

I promise you will laugh and have fun!

toddler yoga.jpg